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Architectural Quality Fiberglass Flagpoles For Residential and Commercial Applications
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 About Us
Atlantic Fiberglass Products offers the homeowner and commercial flagpole customer the finest space-age fiberglass-composite technology at a price that is more competitive than old fashioned, wide-butt, traditionally manufactured flagpoles. ONLY Atlantic Fiberglass Products? flagpoles use internally pressure molded fiberglass technology to produce the strongest, lightest, sleekest, most wind resistant flagpole on the market. In addition, our tough clear gel-coat finish keeps the flagpole looking new for the life of the flagpole.

Before Atlantic Fiberglass Products, fiberglass flagpole customers had only one choice; a mandrel wrapped fiberglass flagpole that was wide butted, heavy, and had a milky white finish that was prone to fade and crack. While better than most aluminum or steel flagpoles, this was still first generation fiberglass flagpole.

Today, Atlantic Fiberglass offers it's customer a flagpole that is manufactured with aerospace technology to create an extremely strong, sleek, wind resistant flagpole, that contains a clear, hard gel-coat finish that will not fade, crack or turn dull. While the old fashioned style flagpoles are still being offered today by other companies, only Atlantic Fiberglass Products has taken flagpole technology to its next generation.

Located right outside of New Haven, Connecticut, Atlantic Fiberglass Products ships fiberglass flagpoles to dealers in virtually all 50 states. Our 12,000 square foot warehouse stocks all sizes from 20 to 60 feet, ground sleeve and hinged base, internal and external halyard, and a full selection of yardarms, gaffs and other flagpole accessories.
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