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Architectural Quality Fiberglass Flagpoles For Residential and Commercial Applications
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Production Process
To understand our manufacturing process, envision a metal tube or pipe cut in half length-wise and then hinged back together. This is the steel mold. Instead of wrapping the fiberglass around a mandrel like other manufacturers and waiting for it to dry, we wrap the fiberglass and polyester around a rubber inflatable bladder and then place it inside the steel mold which is coated internally with gel-coat.

The bladder is then inflated to high pressure inside the mold. All the air and excess material is forced to the outside and exits through this vent line. This creates the small mold mark you will see. Curing is continued at full pressure and the resulting flagpole is stronger, denser, lighter and longer lasting.
Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Flagpole Supplier
  • Strength
    • 10,000 psi More Tensile Strength
    • 120 mph Unflagged Wind Rating
    • Highest Fiberglass to Polyester Ratio
    • Pressure Molded
    • Latest Aerospace Technology
  • Finish
    • Gel-Coat Finish
    • Never Chalks or Cracks
  • Shape
    • Sleek and Attractive
    • True Entasis Shape
    • No Unattractive Wide Butt
  • Selection
    • Choice of Hinge Base or Ground Sleeve, Internal or External
    • Choice of Finials
    • Revolving Truck, No Lubrication Necessary
  • Service
    • All Inventory Ready for Shipment
    • Professional and Courteous Service
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