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Architectural Quality Fiberglass Flagpoles For Residential and Commercial Applications
  pole specifications
 Pole Specification
This is the same high quality pressure molded fiberglass flagpole without the hinged base attachment. Perfect when quality and economy are critical.
  • Features:
    • Available in 20/25/30/35 ft. lengths
    • Revolving truck is standard
    • Mounting kit comes with a special designed ground sleeve and everything necessary for installation except the concrete and the hole
    • Finial included
The heavy duty hinged ground attachment offers the homeowner or professional installer easy installation. One person can raise or lower a 40 ft. flagpole. The easy to use leveling system makes installation simple and fast.
  • Features:
    • Attractive, strong, hot dipped zinc galvanized steel base
    • Available in 20/25/30/33/35/40/50/60 ft. lengths
    • Can be easily taken down and moved to a new home or building location yet offers more security than a ground sleeve flagpole
    • Mounting kit comes complete with all fittings, hardware and anchoring rods. Includes halyard, cleat, flag attachments, revolving truck and finial. Nothing extra to purchase.
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